In the metaverse of the tron chain, you can see 10,000 adventurous Tron Bulls on an amazing journey.
Come and join us!


Each user collects three different colors of Tronbull (including mint and secondary market purchase), and publishes a Tronbull related tweet on his twitter.
The tweet includes: text (@ apenftorg, I also have cute Tronbull, my Tronbull is in this wallet address XXXX, so cool.) + pictures (3 screenshots of Tronbull with different background colors with numbers), And the twitter will be saved for at least 3 working days after it is released.
After confirmation by the technician, if the holding is true, the posting user can get a 1000u bonus, which will be directly sent to the wallet address in the user's winning tweet.
The list of winners is randomly selected, and the total number of winners is confirmed as 50.
The twitter account @ apenftotorg will publish the results on October 14 and October 20 respectively, that is, the list of 25 winners and the corresponding Tronbull number.

Smart Contract